The Journal of the British Astronomical Association

Volume 108, No.1: 1998 February

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Notes and News

From the President: Could you be our next Treasurer? / The 1997 Perseids: an interim report / An unusual dark spot on Venus / Solar Section / CfDS acts for the ACT / Title pages, volume 107 / Aurora Section / Asteroids & Remote Planets Section / A dirty cosmic window /
New asteroid discovery is a real team effort


Radio astronomy and the BAA (pp. 29-32) ... Gordon Brown

Sir John Herschel and the Leeds Astronomical Society (pp. 33-34) ... Michael J. Crowe
Can I see noctilucent clouds? (pp. 35-38) ... M. Gadsden
What colour is the night sky? (pp. 39-42) ... R. J. Neville
Historical note
The Observing Astronomical Society - birth of a legend (pp. 42-43) ... Richard Baum

Index to volume 107 (4 pp.) ... prepared by R. A. Marriott

(Copies of any of these articles may be requested from the BAA office.)


Encyclopedia of Planetary Sciences by by James H. Shirley & Rhodes W. Fairbridge (Eds.) Chapman and Hall, 1997. ISBN 0-412-06951-2. Pp xxvii + 990 + CD-ROM, £175.00 (hbk).
reviewed by John Rogers & Richard McKim (5.6 Kb)

Eclipse! by Philip S. Harrington.
John Wiley & Sons, 1997. ISBN 0-471-12795-7. Pp iv + 280, £11.99 (pbk). reviewed by Michael Maunder (4.8 Kb)

Meeting reports

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