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Richard Bosman

Moon and Planets photography from the center of Enschede Netherland. You would not expect in a big city a small observatory on top of the attic garage. Yet it is possible to observe the Moon, Sun and Planets in high resolution.

Local society membership: Dutch KNVWS Moon and Planets

2019 Mar 25

2019 Jan 27

2018 Oct 11

2018 Oct 2

2018 Sep 24

2018 Sep 4

2018 Jul 31

2018 Jun 22

18:29 UTC

Daylight observation Crater Petavius and Humboldt Two well-known craters on the moon edge. Noteworthy is Humboldt crater, which is not often seen under this angle. Of course this has to do with the favorable liberation.
See the Full resolution: Crater Petavius and Humboldt

Telescope C14 Camera Basler Ace 1920

2018 Mar 22

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