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Martin Lewis

Although for many years exclusively a visual observer interested in sketching the deep sky, I have since 2007 also become an active planetary imager. I have two home-built dobsonians a 222mm aperture ('Mr. Orb Inspector') and a 444mm aperture ('Fossil Light') which I use for both visual and planetary imaging. For imaging these sit on a home-built synchronous motor driven equatorial platform. I also run a home-made AllSky camera from time to time. In the night time I observe and image from my back garden in St Albans whilst in the daytime I am principal engineer for a Cambridge based X-ray scintillation company. I am interested in all aspects of the sky and my drawings images and other thoughts and investigations can be found on my website; . I am also treasurer and membership secretary of the west of London Astronomical society ( My Twitter handle is @SkyInspector

Local society membership: West on London AS (WOLAS): Norwich AS

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