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Eliot Hall

I live in West Wiltshire whilst my skies aren't brilliant they are better than where I grew up in London.

I have an interest in most things astronomical that vary over short periods of time:
Solar and planetary imaging,
Comets and Asteroid astrometry,
Exoplanet photometry,
and Spectroscopy.

I seem to spend and increasing amount of time writing software to support the planning or processing of the observations I make: Start Charts, Image processing and photometric reduction None of these bit of code are ever finished (the joy of being an amateur), but I find the process of writing the software helps me to understand the existing software I use.

The other side of my interest is fixing and fettling with scopes, mounts, binoculars, and instruments. Having just moved house the latest project is building a new observatory. When finished this will house two piers for the 12 inch reflector and 5 inch refractor.

Local society membership: Beckington Astronomical Society

2020 Aug 21

2020 Jul 17

2020 Jul 12

2018 Dec 18

2018 Dec 17

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