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Andrew Smith

Having shipped my kit to Spain for better weather I have switched from high resolution spectroscopy to ultra low resolution.

The aim is to monitor Red Dwarf (K & M) stars and try to catch spectra of them flaring. This requires long periods of observation as they flare infrequently and unpredictably.

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2020 Jun 16

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2017 Jan 26

11:45 UTC

Test image from the medium resolution echelle spectrogrqph. For fun it was captured using The Sky X Pro flipped in MaxIm DL 4, extracted and calibrated in BASS and roughly normalised and measured in ISIS!

Regards Andrew

11:01 UTC

I am here setting the focus of my new, home made, fibre fed echelle spectrographs focus. It has a target R ~ 8000 and initial test show this should be reached comfortably. It is in a temperature controlled enclosure and is currently undergoing final testing in my kitchen before being moved to the observatory. The temperature control is to improve the accuracy of radial velocity measurements.

Regards Andrew

2016 Dec 28

20:23 UTC

While an old observation this was the first reported case (as far as I know) of an amateur discovering a candidate Be star using an automated spectroscopic search. I found that Thierry Lemoult was also undertaking such a search at the same time. I was just eye-balling the spectra as they came in, while he was reducing his, so I sneaked in first, although Thierry found more. Our results are here

With spectroscopy taking off at the BAA it shows one example of what can be done at low resolution (R ~ 320).

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