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 During childhood I always wanted the curtains of my bedroom to stay open at the time of the Full Moon, simultaneously wondering what message or whatever could be included in such a light. Growing up and studying science an exciting new world revealed itself.

 Poetically I summarized it as follows::

  • Ancient cultures looked up to the stars,
  • telling each other myths and legends: beautiful starlores.
  • The moral of those tales, over the years,
  • survived for mankind.
  • Modern cultures look to the stars too:
  • the era of the high tech eyes
  • explores the universe in another way
  • and will help mankind to survive.
  • Enjoy the fascinating world of astronomical spectroscopy !


  As co-founder of the "Astropolis Space Science Center" ( formerly  "Astro Event Group Belgium"), in the city of Ostend, Belgium I'm involved in the promotion of astronomical spectroscopy as lecturer at high schools, university and astronomical clubs and  as co-author of the twin book project : "Complete Spectroscopy for Amateur Astronomers" by Richard Walker & Marc Trypsteen, edited by Cambridge University Press. (July 2017).

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