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Alex Pratt

My interest in astronomy was sparked by the American and Russian spaceflights in the 1960s, and being presented with books such as The Observer’s Book of Astronomy (Moore), A New Way to See the Stars (Rey) and Starlight Nights (Peltier).

Over the years I have enjoyed observing and photographing the Sun, Moon, meteors, comets, planets, stars and galaxies, from the days of developing and printing Ilford and Kodak negatives in a darkened kitchen through to using CCDs, webcams and DSLRs. I have seen a number of total solar eclipses from fascinating locations around the world.

My main interest is video astronomy, applying video techniques to record transient phenomena, conducted from my (not always snow-bound) observatory, IAU code Z92. My programme includes recording meteors, asteroidal and lunar occultations, performing video astrometry of asteroids, Near Earth Objects and comets, and video photometry of eclipsing binary stars.

I am a member of IOTA-ES, attending most of their annual ESOP meetings since 1997. I write for the Journal for Occultation Astronomy and am a member of its Editorial team.

I have observed meteors for many years, am a member of IMO and am on the Committee of the BAA Meteor Section. I co-founded NEMETODE, a network of video meteor cameras in the British Isles.

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