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2020 Mar 7

23:30 UTC

Urgent submission for the BAA Special General Meeting and Ordinary Meeting scheduled for 25th March, 2020 Agenda. As the BAA's Financial Situation is very healthy due to the Bequests it has received I propose that there is an Emergency Motion in Support of Funding Active BAA contribution to NASA's request for Public Sighting Information regarding photographing of the Low Orbit '5G Broadband' Satellites that have been already launched in 2019 - 2020 and future launches. See The Worldwide Astronomical Professional and Amateur Community needs to wake up! That the BAA takes an active Public position against these satellites / launches until their design has an albedo criteria that does not pollute the night sky; contribute to false sightings of asteriod / comet and other astronomical events; does not pose future risk of adding to the debris in orbit endangering human spaceflight missions. Many of the BAA Membership will have to discard images due to satellite passes through the section of sky they are observing. Instead of an automatic discard look at the image content to consider if it will add to the weight of evidence of the impact of these satellites in the night sky. All BAA Section Directors (especially Meteor Section) need to be active in getting the message out to their Section Members and the BAA Membership in general, the BAA adding weight to encourage the RAS to get involved in the International pressure against these satellite designs and launches.

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