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Tim Haymes

My main interest is the observation and timing of occultations which stated when I was a member of the JAS (SPA).   I joined the BAA and the Lunar Section in 1973 on board the Monte Umbe Eclipse Cruise.   In 1978 I was very fortunate to record the Lunar graze of Aldebaran on cine film from Scotland with my co-observer (and organiser) David Gavine.  Then in 1980 I started visual monitor of asteroid occultations. Some events were published in the BAAH for the first time.  This was followed in 1989 by successful recording of the TITAN/ 28 Sgr central flash which was very unexpected.  My first positive recording  of an  asteroid occultation  was (130)Elektra (10.7 seconds) in 2010.

I help coordinate these observations through the Asteroid and Remote Planets Section, and Lunar Section, and anyone else who has an interest.  My Local AS is in Maidenhead where I arrange the speaker program.

Local society membership: Maidenhead, Reading

2018 Jan 20

2017 Dec 15

2017 Aug 30

11:40 UTC

This graze of a 6,7 mag star occured at a  favourable cusp angle of 6 degress (Northern Limit) with the Moon only 38% sunlit. The most interesting aspect was the double star. The telescope was set up in a carefully planed location which was expected to reveal some interesting graze phenomena. I was not dissappointed. On the light curve I have drawn a green line that represents the appearance of the fainter companion (while the brighter one occulted). The red line is both stars having appeared. The whole event lasted was 27 sec 

2017 May 17

2017 May 15

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