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Keith Shank

It all started in 1964 when my father took me to see a Scout rocket launch. Then in 1971 I got an Edmunds 6" newt, it was all downhill after that! Currently 95% of my observing is done from my back yard observatory in the Dallas-Ft Worth megaplex, so skies that I could see the milky-way in the early 80s, are not so good for darkness anymore. Have done imaging for many years, and have gone through many catalogs, so now wanting to do something more tangible. That is why I want to take up spectrscopy. Today's gear: C14E, TEC140, AT 92, 16" dob, AP1200, CEM60, STT8300, QHY294c, Atik 414, guide cameras Awaiting delivery of LISA (optical) with associated gear. Scope I wish I still had: Cave 12.5" classical cass. 105lb OTA....but great optics.

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