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Submit observations to the BAA

Since 1890, collecting amateur observations has been central to the BAA's work.

We encourage all members to submit their work to the Association's various observing Sections, which you may contact using the links to the right. The Directors of the Sections will give you more information about how to submit your observations.

You can also post images to your BAA Member's Page, or submit them to be considered for inclusion in the BAA Image Gallery by emailing the gallery editor:

We welcome not only astrophotos, but also visual observations, drawings, spectra, magnitude estimates, etc. To make maximal use of your images, we need to know the date, time and location of your observations, together with the equipment you used. Most Sections will require additional information: the Section Directors will be able to advise you about their particular requirements.

Copyright of all images and other observations submitted to the BAA remains with the owner of the work. By submitting observations to the BAA, the owner agrees that the Association may use the item on any BAA website or in any publication or promotional material (both printed and electronic) produced by the BAA. Reproduction of the work by third-parties is expressly forbidden without the consent of the copyright holder.

Please do not submit observations made by other people unless you have their explicit permission.