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Ian Rothwell

I first became interested in astronomy aged about 11 when my parents bought me a 60mm refractor. Even at that stage I was engaged in astrophotography (see my image from 1980 below). A few years later I built my own 4" Newtonian reflector and joined the BAA (first time). When I was about 21 I began building a 12" Newtonian reflector, including building a permanent observatory. Due to work getting in the way I sold the 12" and my interest lapsed for a few years until I regained the "bug" and bought an 8" Meade SCT. I moved to Dorset, got married, we had two children and work got in the way again. Unfortunately the Meade was sitting in the shed for years, unused. I decided to depart the BAA, because I didn't really have the spare time and I sold the Meade.

Fast forward to today, my two Sons are now grown up and my wife and I now divorced. My work is local, so no more huge commutes. I realised I have the time to get back into my passion from so long ago. I now have two telescopes, housed in a permanent observatory and a range of cameras. Of course I had to re-join the BAA. 

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