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David Dunn

I have been interested in astronomy since my early teens. My little 100mm Charles Frank telescope got lots of use for a number of years. Many years later and since I have retired I have two main interests, firstly as a member of the Nemetode group gathering and analysing meteor data, using a video camera and specialised SW. The other project is to image all the Messier objects using a DSLR and 150mm lens on a fixed tripod. I use a 2.5 second exposure at f2.8. and take 54 images. I then stack these to give the end result.I then crop the image to 1024 x 1024

The object, apart from the general interest, was to produce a result, approximately, as seen in a small telescope.

2017 Apr 4


2017 Mar 19


2017 Feb 26

2017 Feb 22

2017 Feb 19

2017 Jan 26


2017 Jan 9


2017 Jan 8

2017 Jan 4

2017 Jan 3

2016 Dec 23


2016 Dec 21

2016 Dec 20

2016 Dec 19

2016 Dec 14

2016 Dec 13

2016 Dec 10

2016 Dec 3

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