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Roy Gretton

I became interested in astronomy circa 1953. The first series of Charles Chilton’s ‘Journey into Space’ was being broadcast on BBC radio every Monday evening. My first comet was Arend-Roland, visible in the spring of 1957, coinciding with the first edition of The Sky at Night. I was lucky enough to observe a second naked eye comet (Mrkos) in August of the same year. My first auroral display was seen from a suburb of Nottingham in 1958 (spectacular white beams with green and red patches) in those memorable days before light pollution obliterated all but the brightest objects over city skies. My current equipment includes a Pulsar 2.1-metre dome housing a 30-cm f/5.3 Newtonian reflector. Last year’s highlight was a trip to Oregon to observe the total solar eclipse of August 21st, for which I enjoyed a perfectly cloudless sky, in contrast to the disappointment of Cornwall in 1999!

Local society membership: Nottingham Astronomical Society

2018 Nov 7

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