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Steve Futcher

Whilst I have been interested in space and astronomy for many years, I only became actively involved in 2011 when I joined Hampshire Astronomical Group, started an Open University course in astronomy and purchased an 8" Celestron telescope.  Since then my horizons have widened beyond belief, with imaging of a variety of subjects through my telescope, those at Hampshire Astronomical Group's observatory at Clanfield and using remote telescopes in Australia, North America and Spain.  Probably my favourite subjects are galaxies, but I have also obtained reasonable images of the planets, the Sun, comets, nebulae and other objects in our galaxy.

An area of interest to me is the detection of meteors through radio reflection, and I have established two receiving stations, one at my home and one at the Clanfield Observatory.  For two years now we have worked with SEPnet students to refine our observations.

2016 Nov 1

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