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Greetings to all BAA members. To introduce myself briefly, I was born in 1961 and live in Willenhall, West Midlands. I've been a BAA member since 2015, and from a young age have harboured an interest in astronomy and space - I suppose the catalyst (as with many in my age group), being the Apollo missions. My interest has "crystallised", as it were, within the last 2 years and I proceeded to join the BAA and then attended one of the Associations' "Back To Basics" workshops. Within the last year I have acquired a 4 inch refractor and 15x85 mounted binoculars. I'm mindful of the need to "walk before I can run" so I'm taking things steadily and acquiring knowledge of observing basics as I go. Attending the workshop gave me an especial interest in pursuing solar observation and I have joined the Solar section, and as my skills develop I hope to be able to begin making practical contributions in due course. At the same time, I haven't yet made a firm decision on other observational areas to pursue, but I regularly read all the Section reports to get an overall grasp of things. In addition, I’ve been taking simple constellation photos with an SLR digital camera although I find it to be a trial and error process and none of my efforts are publishable as yet. In the interim, for want of something better to show, I'm using a sunset photo from my back garden which was taken with a simple digital camera. Thanks for reading and clear skies to all!! Paul

This user has not uploaded any observations yet.

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