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Luigi Morrone

My name is Luigi Morrone, I’m 40 years old and I live in Agerola-Italy (630m s.l) a small town located on the Amalfitan Coast (Italy). At the early age I have always been passionate for the science and in particular for the astronomy. At the 10 years old i started to observe the sky with my first telescope, Antares a 60mm refractor. My first target was the Moon and for me was a wonderful view. Over the years I continued to observe the sky and at the same time I also bought astronomy magazines. I have always been very fascinated by the planets and the deep sky observation. I started doing astrophotography with the ASI 120mono and 10 “Newton F/4. During these years I have always experimented with new techniques (acquisition and processing), trying to optimize my setup to make the most of the atmospheric conditions. Thanks to development of the electronic, the PC hardware/software and with the new digital cameras, my work is focused mainly in the acquisition of High Resolution Planetary Imging, Deeep Sky images and making astronomy research about for the Asteroidal Occultations and Comet images. I like to sweep in the different fields of astrophotography: from the Planets, to the Sun, to the Moon, to the Deep Sky images. During this years I try to optimize my setup for the different kind of work. From last years for Hires Planet imaging I used a Celestron C14 Edge HD on a Fornax 52 mount. Recently I have acquired an Hyperstar system for my C14 and I have very fast system f/1.9 and with ASI1600 MMPRO, I use it for Deep Sky imaging and for Asteroidal occultation. I have also a TS152/900 with a Daystar Quark Cromosphere filter 0.5A that I use is for H-alpha solar imaging. I have also a newton 250mm f/4 for visual observation.


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