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Brad Thomas

I am fairly new to Astronomy, having only been given an 8" Dobsonian in December 2019

I am just getting into DSO's but still getting to grips with my EQ platform and at the moment only getting short exposures sub 30 seconds, but actually very happy with the results I'm getting especially since i am located just outside London in Bortle 8 skies.

I have now acquired a SkyWatcher 72ed APO refractor, field flattener/reducer, Optolong L-Enhance Filter and guide scope utilising my ASI290mc camera for guiding and my ASI183mc for imaging

i have recently purchased an IOptron Smart EQ Pro+ GoTo mount for my small scope and I am finally getting the longer exposures needed in such a light polluted area - new learning curve and enjoying the challenge of getting fainter and harder targets


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