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Brad Thomas

I am fairly new to Astronomy, having only purchased an 8" Dobsonian in December 2019
I have been imaging the moon and a lot of Venus and will enjoy Jupiter, Saturn and Mars once they appear at a more convenient time for me

I am just getting into DSO's but still getting to grips with my EQ platform and at the moment only getting short exposures sub 30 seconds, but actually very happy with the results I'm getting especially since i am located just outside London in Bortle 8 skies - i have been using my 70mm Orion Multi-use guide scope with my ASI290mc for most of my imaging - i has a focal length of 279mm and I am frankly over the moon with the pictures I'm getting with it - it currently sits atop my 8XT Dobson, which does all the leg work on the EQ platform but i can use the Dobson visually and image with the small refractor - best of both worlds for me right now.

2020 Jun 25

2020 Jun 10

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