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Tim Haymes

Ive been interested in the stars since i was about 8 years old. I joined the JAS (SPA) in my teens and started timing Lunar occultations, being spurred on by the then Lunar Section Director Goeff Amery who lived not far away.  I joined the BAA in 1974 aged 23.  Then in 1980 I started visual monitoring of asteroidal occultations using the predictions by Gordon E. Taylor.    I have now recorded more than 30 positive events and been in the shadow of an asteroid for over 500s.

In the last few years i have also video recorded some nice lunar grazing occultations with good timing accuracy.

Professionally I worked in Pharma and later the Agrochemical industry as a physical and analytical chemist, now retired.  I coordinate occultation observing for the Asteroid and Remote Planets Section, and the Lunar Section.  I am a member of the International Occultation Timing Association, European section. (IOTA/ES).

Local society membership: Maidenhead, Reading, Chipping Norton

2020 Nov 23

2020 Oct 24

2019 Sep 13

2018 Sep 20

14:49 UTC

Pulsar Dome: I would like to make contact with a member who may have a  2.7m  full height dome - seeking advice and views on  usability.  I live near Reading, Berks


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