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The British Astronomical Association: Awards and Medals

Early in the new year Council considers nominations for the Association's Medals and Awards. If any members wish to nominate a fellow member for some notable contribution, please send a suitably worded citation to the Business Secretary. All nominations must be in writing and signed by two sponsors. Please try to confine citations to one side of an A4 sheet of paper.

Conditions relating to each award are given below. Members are requested to read the conditions carefully and to ensure that citations comply with the conditions for the relative award.

Walter Goodacre Medal and Gift

This award ... is the senior award made by the Association. ...Normally awarded at intervals of not less than two years and not more than four years since the last award.

The award shall be given in recognition of the recipient's contribution to the progress of astronomy over many years, special regard being had to his or her work communicated to the Association, this work being communicated in any form, and not necessarily in writing, provided that the recipient is a member of at least five years standing in the Association at the date of the Annual General Meeting in the year of the award.

Steavenson Award

This shall be awarded to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to observational astronomy.

Horace Dall Medal and Gift

The award shall be made to a person, whether or not a member of the Association, who has shown marked ability in the making of Astronomical Instruments. If two or more people have been jointly concerned in a particular work then each person may receive a medal and gift.

Merlin Medal and Gift

This award shall be made in recognition of a notable contribution to the advancement of astronomy. If two or more persons have been jointly concerned in any particular work, a joint award may be made, in which case each recipient shall receive a medal and gift.

Lydia Brown Medal and Gift

This award shall be in recognition of meritorious service to the Association in an honorary capacity over many years on grounds which would not qualify a nominee for either the Walter Goodacre or Merlin Awards. If two or more persons have been jointly concerned in any particular work, a joint award may be made, in which case each recipient shall receive a medal and gift.

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Image credit: Grant Privett. The aurora, as seen from Stenness.


2015Tom BolesAndrew WilsonHazel Collett Emil Kraaikamp
2014 Nick JamesCallum Potter  
2013  Ann DaviesMike Gainsford 
2012Ron LiveseyDavid TylerRon Johnson  
2011  Hazel McGee Cor Berrevoets
2010Eric Strach  Monty Leventhal 
2009 Maurice GavinPeter HudsonTony Markham 
2008R. ArbourT. Boles J. Shears 
2007 H. Mettig P. BirtwhistleP. Wise
2006R. M. BaumD. Peach   
2005 M. TaylorN. D. HewittJ. R. Fletcher 
2004 N. Bone J. Toone 
2003 S. EvansD. GavineD. C, Parker 
2002J. H. RogersM. ArmstrongR. A. MarriottK. West 
2001 D. McAdam M. OatesB. Knight
2000M. P. MobberleyA. ElliottR. MizonG. Poyner 
1999 E. H. StrachD. MilesD. BuczynskiE. J. Hysom
1998G. M. HurstS. Laurie A. F. O. D. Jones 
1997 M. CollinsA. DowdellM. ArmstrongT. C. Platt
1996R. J. McKimH. R. SoperP. A. Moore D. Sinden
1995  R. LiveseyD. GrayJ. Youdale
1994J. E. IslesR. Miles / A. Hollis Isao Miyazaki 
1993 J. BrauschH. R. Hatfield / L. G. MaylingH. HillJ. V. Wall / J. R. Nichol
1992H. B. RidleyG. E. D. Alcock   
1991  J. W. Mason  
1990M. J. HendrieD. A. R. SimmonsE. R. Atwell (Miss)J. DragescoB. Manning
1988  R. BaumJ. W. Ells 
1987H. R. HatfieldR. McNaughtE. A. Beet  
1986A. W. Heath  E. H. Collinson 
1985 R. J. McKimC. G. T. WiseN. F. H. Knight 
1984H. G. Miles  P. B. Doherty 
1983  C. L. Belchem  
1982E. A. Whitaker    
1981 R. W. Panther   
1980J. H. RobinsonS. W. Milbourne C. R. Munford 
1979B. G. MarsdenG. E. Taylor / J. H. Rogers D. R. B. Saw 
1978  H. Wildey  
1977 R. Eberst   
1976W. E. Fox / G. E. D. AlcockH. B. Ridley O. J. Knox 
1975 M. P. Candy   
1974C. Dinwoodie J. L. White  
1973P. A. Ringsdore A. W. Vince  
1972 G. E. D. AlcockN. J. Goodman  
1971 J. C. Bennett   
1970 H. G. Miles   
1969E. A. BeetH. Hill   
1968P. A. MooreA. F. A. Jones   
1967H. E. DallW. M. Baxter   
1966R. L. WaterfieldH. Joy   
1965J. G. PorterB. G. Marsden   
1963G. MertonF. W. Hyde / J R. Smith   
1962A. F. O'D.AlexanderG. E. Taylor   
1961W. H. SteavensonG. E. D. Alcock   
1959F. J. Hargreaves    
1957B. M. Peek    
1955P. M. Ryves    
1952F. M. Holborn    
1950F. R. Cripps    
1948M. Davidson    
1945F. J. Sellers    
1941C. F. Butterworth    
1937A. C. D. Crommelin    
1935J. P. M. Prentice    
1932A. M. Newbegin    
1930T. E. R. Phillips