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Lunar occultation of double star SAO 95174


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About this observation
Alex Pratt
Time of observation
02/04/2017 - 20:39
SAO 95174
Observing location
C11 @ f/10
Watec 910 video camera
IOTA-VTI GPS time inserter
1/50th sec (0.02 sec exposures)
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Video photometry of the lunar occultation of the double star SAO 95174 (mag 7.73, component mags 8.15 and 9.25, PA 148.0°, separation 2.15"). The secondary component is designated X 82021.

Limovie analysis of the video recording gave estimated mags of 8.04 and 9.23 for the pair and a relatively long-duration step of 1.845s, shorter than the interval of 2.2s predicted by Occult software.

Reducing the timings of the disappearances of the primary and secondary gave very small O-Cs of -0.01" and 0.03", respectively.

A report will be submitted to Brian Loader (NZ), IOTA's double star coordinator, who collates and analyses worldwide observations. If one or more additional observations of this double star have been obtained in recent weeks the data can be combined to estimate the PA and sub-arcsecond separation of the pair. The most recent entry in the Interferometric Catalogue is from 2008.

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