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Jupiter with 4 moons


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About this observation
Wayne Johnson
Time of observation
01/04/2017 - 22:15
Observing location
The Royal Gunpowder Mills in Waltham Abbey, United Kingdom
Canon 450D (astro modded)
SkyWatcher Startravel 80mm
Exp 1/2sec ISO 1600
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The moons top to bottom

Gamymade, Io, Europa,Callisto
and the star above Jupiter is θ Vir - 51 Vir - HIP 64238 A - SAO 139189 - HD 114330 - HR 4963 - WDS J13099-0532Aa,Ab

Magnitude: 4.45 (after extinction: 4.96)

RA/Dec (J2000.0): 13h09m56.96s/-5°32'21.1"

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