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IC443 "Jellyfish Nebula"


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About this observation
Alun Halsey
Time of observation
19/01/2017 - 23:35
IC443 aka the Jellyfish Nebula
Observing location
Berkshire UK
Esprit 150ED apo triplet f/7 + field flattener
Atik 314L CCD camera
Starlight Xpress filterwheel with 2" narrowband filters
60mm refractor and SX Lodestar for guiding
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Collected 10 subframes at 5mins each in Ha then same again in OIII twice over as this image is a mosaic using two panes. Stacked the panes in Moravian camera software SIPS moving into Photoshop to stitch the two Ha and two OIII sections together. Afterwhich I used Maxim D/L4 to colour combine using the Ha,OIII,OIII palette,then back into Photoshop for final processing.


dawson's picture

Impressive detail showing the "bubbles" over the surface of the Jellyfish. Lovely image.

Alun_H's picture

 Thank you.glad you like the image :)

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