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SV Cam phase diagram


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About this observation
David Conner
Time of observation
26/12/2016 - 22:10
SV Camelopardalis
Bradford Robotic Telescope, Tenerife
plus 2" aperture refractor
with Atik Titan ccd camera
from Somerby Observatory
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A phase diagram of the EA type eclipsing binary SV Camelopardalis.  The black data points are from 20 images taken with the Bradford Robotic Telescope Cluster Camera, the red data points are from a primary minimum observed from Somerby Observatory on December 23 2016 with a 2" aperture refractor and an Atik Titan ccd camera. 

Due to the unfortunate demise of the BRT there are not enough data points to give a detailed phase diagram for this star, but they give the general outline.  The BRT results were arbitrarily 'dimmed' by 0.1 mag so that the two sets of data were more consistent with each other.  The period was derived by Peranso, and is close to the AAVSO value of 0.59306995 d.

SV Cam is an interesting system, having a third body which modulates the period, and large and small starspots which affect the shape of the light curve.  Whether or not this explains the apparent discrepancies in the catalogues regarding its Vmag is another matter.

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