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Messier 1


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About this observation
Paul Anthony
Time of observation
03/12/2016 - 16:47
Bicolor Crab
Observing location
Whirlpool Obswervatory
Altair Astro EDT115
Atik 428ex
Ha filter and OIII filter
Losmandy G11
3hrs Halpha 45 min OIII
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This picture was taken over two night's. The Ha data was captured on December 3rd 2016. Whilst the OIII data was captured early January. Cloudy skies, caused a delay.

I suspect in 1758, when telescope optics were poor. M1 possibly, did, resemble a crustacean. But I do not see it.

What this picture does show. Is how violent the explosion was.


dawson's picture

This is one of my favourite nebula and your image is brilliant in showing so much detail in the structure of the nebula. I also love how it is framed amidst the inky blackness of space all around. Great work.

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