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Venus, Moon, Mars


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About this observation
Mike Scarisbrick
Time of observation
02/01/2017 - 17:00
Venus Mars Moon
Observing location
Cambridgeshire UK
Canon EOS 500D
Atik GP camera
SkyWatcher 200
SkyWatcher 200 telescope
APM x2.7 barlow
0.5 s at ISO 1600 for the wide angle shot
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As my recent deep sky imaging attempts are not going at all well, here we see the recent nice solar system grouping of Mars, the Moon and Venus in the twilight of the 2nd January.

Pictures taken either side of 17:00, with the Canon EOS 500D and 18-55mm zoom at 55mm (0.5 seconds ISO 1600), and the detail with an Atik GP camera on a 200mm f/5 'scope with a 2.7x barlow. 
The trio of objects were drifting above the line of houses down the street, at a time when everyone's central heating was kicking in - so the seeing was appalling. Anything vaguely looking like the right shape for Venus and Mars was a bonus. The Mars image is just 4 frames out of 400, processed in registax 6. Venus is 25 frames.

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