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Gegenschein April 18th., 1993, 23.36 U.T. - 23.48 U.T.


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About this observation
Colin Henshaw
Time of observation
26/12/2016 - 05:32
Observing location
Maunatlala, Botswana
Fujika 107 Camera + f2.2 lens + Purus equatorial mount
1000 ASA + 12 minutes exposure. Computer enhanced image.

This image was taken from Maunatlala in Botswana on a superb clear night after rain. The Gegenschein is very difficult to photograph, and at first I thought it may have been a vignetting effect of the lens. However this was proven not to be true by taking other images with the Gegenschein offset from the centre. The original print was computer enhanced by my colleague, Dr, Taha, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1996, using a hand-held scanner. He must have had a very steady hand. The Gegenschein was located in Virgo at this time, the bright star to the right of centre being Spica.

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