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Galaxy NGC 4565


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About this observation
Paul Downing
Time of observation
22/04/2015 - 23:00
NGC 4565
Observing location
Alpujarra, Spain
12.5" Planewave scope
QSI 683 CCD camera
LRGB of 50:40:40:40 mins

NGC 4565 in Coma Berenices.  This splendid example of an edge-on spiral is one of the brightest members of the Coma I galaxy cloud and is about 31 million light years away.  It is about 125,000 light years in diameter, and if it was face on to us it would be a really bright object. Note the prominent dust lane which runs the length of the galaxy.  This image is an LRGB of 50mins luminance and 40mins colours, taken on 22nd April 2015

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