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The Changing Face of Saturn


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About this observation
Damian Peach
Time of observation
28/06/2015 - 05:55
Observing location
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This is a montage of the ringed planet spanning the past 11 years of Damian's images showing Saturn crossing from southern summer to northern summer.

The change in the tilt of the rings is of course dramatic, but other changes are also nicely seen, such as the ever changing colours of the belts and zones. Also the bluish colouration of the hemisphere that is pointing away from the Sun is apparent, and how this vanishes as more sunlight falls on the hemisphere that has been out of sunlight for several years. The great 2011 storm and its aftermath are also apparent.

The images were taken from various locations - UK, Tenerife, Barbados and Cyprus.

A very nice presentation by Damian, who is continuing to document the complete Saturnian year.....though still some years left yet before that is achieved!
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