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Sharpless 2-155, the Cave Nebula


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About this observation
Peter Carson
Time of observation
27/09/2014 - 02:00
Sharpless 2-155
Observing location
Kelling Heath, Norfolk, UK
95 mins
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Peter actually imaged this object last year, on 2014 Sept 27th at the Kelling Heath Star Party, Norfolk.  This nebula in Cepheus and other jewels of the summer sky are now becoming well placed for observing and imaging.  Equipment used was a Televue TVNP101 100mm APO refractor at 540mm FL, Starlight Lodestar autoguider and SBIG ST8300M CCD camera with Astrodon RGB colour filters.

Images were acquired in Maxim DL Pro 5 and exposures for the LRGB were L =35 mins 1x1, R =20 mins 2x2 G =20 mins 2x2, B =20 mins 2x2.
All sub exposures 300 seconds at -20 deg C.

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