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Variable star rcrb in binocs

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Howard davies's picture
Last seen: 5 days 10 hours ago
Joined: 07/04/2014 - 19:40
Variable star rcrb in binocs

On July 1st 2014 rcrb was not visible in 20 cm sct.But now it,s easily visible in 10 x50 binocs. Last night 26 th March estimated mag was 7.2.

garypoyner's picture
Last seen: 16 hours 18 min ago
Joined: 04/03/2014 - 15:40

Yes Howard it's 'nearly' back after 8 years below maximum brightness.  It currently seems to be stuck around the mid-7's, with perhaps a suggestion of a very slight fading trend.  Perhaps this year we will see it back at it's maximum brightness, but I wouldn't bet on it!