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Aurora from off the coast of Norway

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Aurora from off the coast of Norway

John Mason is currently on board a ship which is under the auroral oval off northern Norway and sent the attached images. He writes:

I have been experimenting with methods of capturing fast-moving auroral structures which occur at or near the zenith, while observing directly beneath the auroral oval.

For the past three nights - 2015 January 10/11, 11/12 and 12/13 - I have been very fortunate in not only being directly under the auroral oval off northern Norway, but with clear skies.  The aurora has also obliged with the IMF turning southward and letting in high-speed solar wind streams, producing vibrant aurorae.

Obviously, when on board ship one also needs relatively calm seas, but in any case it requires high ISO values and short exposure times.

I thought that you (and perhaps other BAA members) might be interested in a small selection of the results I have obtained. I have not had time to do much in the way of image processing, just give the images a light touch in the Neat Image noise reduction program - and reduce the file size for emailing from the Arctic!

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Spectacular set of images!

Spectacular set of images!