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Jupiter and the Great Red Spot


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About this observation
Ian Sharp
Time of observation
03/01/2015 - 10:32
Observing location
Andalucia, Spain
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We are receiving a lot of excellent images of Jupiter.  This image was taken on 2nd January by Ian Sharp in Andalucia, Spain.  Equipment details are on the image but they are:

Scope: Celestron C11 working at f/38 with an Orion 2x 'shorty' Barlow (end projection is quite severe).
Camera: QHY5L-II operating at about 75 fps
Filters: Astronomik type II RGB

Procedure: Take AVI runs RRR GGG BBB each of 60 seconds (re-focus for each filter, so total recording time is a bit under 10 minutes). Each 60 sec AVI has about 4600 frames. Register and stack with AutoStakkert2. Wavelet sharpen in Registax6. De-rotate and combine to RGB with WunJUPOS. Further processing in Photoshop CS2

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