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Fireball over Northern Ireland

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Fireball over Northern Ireland

On the evening of Tuesday 18th November 2014 at 17:27:04 GMT a fireball was widely observed form Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland and was the subject of a report on the BBC as well as multiple reports on the Armagh Fireball Report page. 

Alas the majority of automated meteor detection cameras that cover this part of the country were either clouded out or had not yet been activated for the evening. As far as I know the only images obtained of it were recorded by David Anderson from South Ayrshire - his video of the event is available on the NEMETODE website. A still image from his video is attached below.

Based on David's data and working on the assumption that the fireball first became visible at an altitude of 120km, it appears that initial entry occurred to the SE of the Isle of Man. It then proceeded north-west, passing just to the north of Belfast and out over Country Antrim before exiting David's FOV.

A visual report from Broxburn, West Lothian suggests it then passed out over the sea to the west of Scotland before fading from visibility.

Is anyone aware of additional visual reports or indeed still or video images?

Thanks & regards