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Arthur Levin - 2

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Arthur Levin - 2

To David Scanlan,

For some reason my Windows PC is having trouble refusing to connect to links, etc. So have had to start a new topic on this one to be able to send you a reply.

Not sure how much you have about Levin. Major A.E. Levin was elected to the Association on 1919 June 25 with membership no. 2829. At that time he was living at Bickley, Kent, England. In 1921, he and L.J. Comrie predicted an eclipse of Rhea by the shadow of Titan (MNRAS, Vol.81, p.486): an event that was observed by several members. Levin took over as Director of the Computing Section and edited the Handbook from 1923-28, 1931-35 and from 1937-39.

There are 78 references to Levin in the NASA ADS archive, all but two being BAAJ-related. AFAIK there is no comet or asteroid named after him.


Richard Miles


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Many Thanks Richard

Many Thanks Richard

The info is appreciated