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Nova Cephei 2014

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Denis Buczynski's picture
Last seen: 2 days 23 hours ago
Joined: 05/03/2014 - 13:04
Nova Cephei 2014

Hello all,

 The announcement of the discovery of this 11.7 mag nova in Cepheus was seen last night (20130310) on the CBAT  TRANSIENT OBJECT CONFIRMATION PAGE by myself and my visitor (Robert McNaught) and we were able to image the new object with a C14 at Tarbatness Observatory in Highland Scotland. This new object is well placed for Northern Hemisphere observers and we should be able to follow it throughout its development. I attach our image from last night which shows the nova at mag 11.4v at RA 20 54 23.73 Dec+60 17 06.7


Denis Buczynski

Tarbatness Observatory MPC Code I81

garypoyner's picture
Last seen: 20 hours 6 min ago
Joined: 04/03/2014 - 15:40
Nova Cep 14

I saw it at 11.4 visual last night too, but it was a tricky observation due to the Nova being quite low in the North (we don't all have panoramic horizons Denis :-)   Early hours of the morning are the best bet!  And whilst your up and observing in these wee small hours, don't forget V339 Del (Nova Del 2013), which is still visible around magnitude 11.5'ish.