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Free Telescope TAL-1, Complete with Mount.

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Free Telescope TAL-1, Complete with Mount.

Posted by Andrea Tasselli at 14:53 on 2013 Aug 31

Hi All,I've an somewhat oldish TAL-1 telescope on a pillar stand. Fit and finish not great (some paint chips/ flake-offs) but fully working. I modified the primary cell to extract the focus in order to use modern EPs. Also tried to fix the focuser with some but not complete success (mostly because it was half wrecked when I got it). I think it came with 1 or 2 EPs and you'll get 'em too. Optically speaking is in very good order however keep in mind it's 4" newt. Should be suitable for a DIY project or for spares. Also a 1.25" spare focuser from Celestron, if you fancy replacing the old focuser.Collection only.Reg'sAndrea