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Flash Player for 64 bit Internet Explorer

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Flash Player for 64 bit Internet Explorer

Posted by Callum Potter at 16:28 on 2011 Sep 05

If you have Windows 7 64 bit operating system, and the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer, you will probably find a lot of websites that use the Adobe Flash player, don't display quite right, because there is no Flash player plugin. For example the scrolling 'advert' at the top of the BAA homepage uses Flash. Guy Hurst was experiencing this, and I suggested he might like to try the beta version of a flash player that is available in the Adobe Labs: has advised since that this is working well for him. No doubt at some point Adobe will make this a full release, but until that time if you are using this particular combination, this may be a solution for you.Other solutions include using Firefox or Google Chrome - these are actually 32 bit applications, but really you would not notice the difference (ie. 32 vs. 64 bit - you will probably notice a big difference from browser to browser).Callum