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Summer Supernova remnants G65.2+5.7


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About this observation
Mike Glenny
Time of observation
20/01/2014 - 22:00
Supernova remnants G65.2+5.7

With time now running short, I aimed to capture all the remnants with a 2-part mosaic using a Megrez 72mm refractor, 0.8x FR/FF, 5nm Ha & 3nm OIII filters and QSI 683 CCD. This gives a FOV of about 2 x 3 degrees. I under-estimated the extent of the nebulae and in hindsight, really needed 4 parts to capture the whole, even with careful positioning of each part. What I ended up with is 3 parts with some last-chance corner fill-ins and some of the nebulae missing! Due to the low contrast especially in Ha and the variation in sky conditions on different nights, balancing the parts of the mosaic was unusually difficult. As you say, this object is a challenge, but nonetheless interesting! If I can find a short focal length scope to suit my QSI - unfortunately the back focus added by the internal filter wheel prevents the use of standard e.g. Canon lenses - I will try again another time, but not as a mosaic! On combining the image colour channels, I was intrigued by the extraordinarily deep red star-like object above Sh2-91. I initially suspected some aberration in my camera but later realised that this was no less than Campbell's Hydrogen Star!

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