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Jupiter narrow band

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Jupiter narrow band


As a homage to the anniversary of the impact of SL9 with Jupiter I decided to dig out my C9.25 and have a look at the planet.

I was fortunate enough to have been working at the AAO during 1994 and the week of the collisions was extremely exciting!

I vividly remember the long wave (2 -2.5micron)  Methane images coming on screen and being amazed at how different the planet looked in the various pass bands. I only have a small 640x480 camera and the mount is none to good either but I thought I'd give some narrow band imaging a go...

Using some microscopy filters I've turned to astronomy before I took some video at 390nm and 890nm. Due to the sensitivity of the DMK camera, the individual exposures were 0.85s for the IR and 0.707s for the UV so combined with the wild seeing the results are a "work in progress"...

The 390nm image was taken at 01.16UT

The 890nm image shows the polar cap distinctly and the GRS is just coming round the limb. This was at 01.35UT

I'm no expert in registax but I was pleased to at least see the contrast between the passbands and for a moment at least remember the thrill of being on Siding Spring Mountain...

Jupiter 390nm near UV

Jupiter 890nm (Methane) near IR