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NGC 6914 in Cygnus


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About this observation
Graham Roberts
Time of observation
21/09/2020 - 21:00
NGC 6914
Observing location
Fairvale Observatory – Redhill – Surrey – UK
William Optics GT81 + Focal Reducer FL 382mm f4.72
ZWO1600MM-Cool mono CMOS sensor
SW AZ-EQ6 GT + EQASCOM computer control & Cartes du Ciel Mount
36 @ 300 sec Ha + 37 x LGB 36 x R @ 180 sec Time: Ha 3hr LRGB 7hr 21min = Total 10hr 21 min

Graham comments on his image as follows:

After first imaging LBN 325 and other emission nebulae across the adjacent area, I turned my attention to a neighbouring part of the HII-region of Cygnus, likewise found in the quadrant of Cygnus defined by the stars Deneb – Sadr – Delta Cygni.  Similarly this area is full of numerous emission nebulae but furthermore here strikingly intercalated with dark nebulae, star clusters and in particular reflection nebulae.  Most prominent of these, near the centre of the image, is NGC 6914, vdB 131 & vdB32, which are conspicuously highlighted by associated bright blue nebulosity.  Dotted throughout the rest of the image the use of HaLRGB picks out many other blue and rare yellow refection nebulae and stars that together make for an exciting image.  Such is the quality and vastness of this part of Cygnus for potential image targets that I feel sure I’ll be coming back to this region for many years to come.

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