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(940) Kordula occults UCAC4 577-017001


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About this observation
Alex Pratt
Time of observation
27/11/2020 - 23:46
(940) Kordula occults UCAC4 577-017001
Observing location
C11 f/10 and f/3.3 focal reducer
Watec 910 video camera
IOTA-VTI GPS time inserter
OccuRec (recording)
Tangra and AOTA (reduction)

Mag 14.1 outer main-belt asteroid (940) Kordula, 80 km in diameter, was predicted to occult a mag 14.4 star in Taurus on the night of 2020 November 27. Observers within the 96 km wide shadow track could see them merge with a combined mag. of 13.5, then drop in brightness by 0.6 mag. for up to 6.7s.

My site was inside the predicted shadow zone, with 43% probability of success. I had to use a high gain setting for this magnitude, which combined with the strong Moonlight produced a noisy recording capturing the brief disappearance of the target star, for 4.8s. The attached screenshot shows the analysis of the light curve using Tangra and AOTA. Thanks to Eric Frappa (European occultations coordinator) for improving my provisional analysis, giving timings of:

    D  - 23 46 48.51 ± 0.40
    R  - 23 46 53.31 ± 0.24

Other observers were clouded out, but a single chord adds to information on the asteroid's diameter and the mid-time of the occultation is used for an astrometric measurement of its position.

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