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Mapping Radio Meteor Altitudes for GRAVES

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Mapping Radio Meteor Altitudes for GRAVES


 Some of you may be aware of the Radio Meteor Detection collaboration Project which is a group of contributors who submit their monthly log files after which we do a number of things with the data see here for more info:

 Our latest exciting project is to see if we can successfully match Radio and Video events to aid our understanding of meteor phenomena, so we are now starting to Map Radio Meteor Altitudes for GRAVES.

 For a full description of the project please go to

 Maps and more can be found here:

 If you want any more information or feel you can help in any way, please do get in touch

 Kind Regards

 John Berman

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Thank you for the post. I am certainly happy to contribute my data in anyway that I can. I have been detecting meteors using the GRAVES radar for sometime (with various level of success). I am also currently starting to build a video meteor detector so that I can contribute to the UK MON and NEMATODE where possible.  I will take a look at the websites for more info.