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Lunar Flash


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About this observation
Luigi Morrone
Time of observation
24/07/2020 - 21:55
Observing location
Agerola - Amalfitan Coast -Italy
C14 Edge HD Fornax52 mount ASI 174 mono Hyperstar f/1.9
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During my session dedicated to Lunar meteor Impacts, on July 24th i have recorded 2 Lunar flashes at 19:55:07 UT and at 19:56:25 UT respectively. The first flash has been recorded about for 9 frames,the second about for 5 frames. The setup used:C14 Edge HD Hyperstar f/1.9 Fornax52 R filter ASI 174mono bin2x at 126fps. 

Most likely the two flashes was caused by Lunar meteor Impacts. 


Xilman's picture

Unfortunately I am unable to spot where on your image the flash(es) appear.  Could you enlighten me please?

Luigi Morrone's picture

Sorry, this is a GIF animation. I don't understand how to show it. Can you help me?

For now i have extracted only one frame in order to show the area of lunar meteor flash.


Xilman's picture

Unfortunately the BAA website does not yet know how to display animated GIFs. I discovered this when I asked why my recent demonstration of the proper motion of Barnard's star didn't display properly.

Apparently the BAA system may be upgraded next year so that we won't have these problems. Let's hope ...

Tim Haymes's picture

Good observation !   The Lunar Section "Lunar Change project coordinator" would be pleased to receive a copy of your report.

Best wishes.

Luigi Morrone's picture

Many thanks!! Tim i have not a report, but from my video i have created an animated GIF. I have captured 2 lunar flashes in the same session with an interval of 2 minutes. Can you give me a reference email for sending the GIF file?


w leatherbarrow's picture

Interesting observation, Luigi - I have passed it on to Tony Cook, the Lunar Section coordinator for impact flashes and other reported changes. I have tried to identify the general location of the flash shown on your image. This is difficult because the illuminated crescent is overexposed to show the dark hemisphere and the latter is very grainy because we are looking at a single frame. However, am I right in thinking that your image, as presented, is flipped left to right by the Hyperstar system, so that it shows lunar north to the left and west to the top? I have tried flipping it back and I think I can discern Grimaldi, Aristarchus, Mare Frigoris and a couple of bright rays from Tycho. If this is correct then I would place the flash somewhere in the southern part of Mare Humorum.

Does this agree with your impression, or am I barking up the wrong tree?!


Luigi Morrone's picture

Hi Bill, many thanks for your message!!Your thought is right.

As said Tim, i have captured another lunar flash in the same night with an interval about of 2 minutes.

If you like i can send you both GIF files, or if you need, i can send you the whole videos.

Let me know.

Many thanks

Tim Haymes's picture

Hi Luigi,
The original video would preferable if its not too big, so compressed perhaps. Can you send me a cloud server link, from "send a message" on my BAA home page.  Or i might be able to find your address in observation reports.

Im reluctant to post my email here - i know you will understand.

Either way we will get in touch...


Luigi Morrone's picture

Hi Tim,

i send already the Video Raw to the Doctor Cook.

Let me know if for you it's good.


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