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About this observation
Luigi Morrone
Time of observation
22/08/2020 - 07:34
Observing location
Agerola - Amalfitan Coast -Italy
C14 Edge HD Fornax52 mount ASI 290 mono IR>807 nm IR1000nm CH4 889nm IR>685nm

Venus August 22th


A new set of images for monitoring the Venus atmosphere. 

This time i decided to focus mainly on different NIR bands by using the following filters:IR>685, IR>807, CH4 889nm/8nm and IR1micron.

Interesting to note a bright cloud structure located just upper the North equatorial zone. I have baptized it as"Dagger".

More details in the pictures.


C14 Edge HD Fornax52 mount ASI 178 mono IR1000nm, Baader IR>685nm, Astronomik IR>897nm, Baader CH4889nm

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