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NGC 6946, the Fireworks galaxy


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About this observation
Martina McGovern
Time of observation
24/06/2020 - 23:27
NGC 6946, the Fireworks galaxy, a spiral galaxy located between constellations of Cepheus and Cygnus.
Observing location
Near Cambridge city UK, Bortle approx 4
Celestron Edge HD 8” SCT, SkyWatcher HEQ5 PRO
ZWO ASI294MC Pro, main camera
ZWO ASIAir Pro, ZWO EAF (Electronic Automatic Focuser) & Dual-Speed 2-inch Crayford Focuser for SCT’s
ZWO 60mm Guide scope, ZWO ASI120MM mini, Guide camera
Optolong L-Pro Broadband filter, Optolong L-eXtreme dual band filter (Ha & OIII)
Approx 8.5hrs of data; 120s subs & 180s subs – L-pro & L-eXtreme used. Darks, Flats & Dark flats.

I have been imaging it for a few months now – image is a compilation of data from Jun20 through to Sept20.

Processing; Deep sky stacker, Pixinsight with final tweaks in Photoshop+ Topaz DeNoise AI.

The ASIair Pro is amazing, it is helping me so much.

Sometimes I think, Wow, I’m so lucky to be able to look into the past – happy stargazing all.

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