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Mars comparisons in IR and RGB


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About this observation
Peter Tickner
Time of observation
07/09/2020 - 00:38
Observing location
Urban Berkshire
ZWO ASI 174MM mono CMOS camera
2x Barlow then 4x PowerMate
ADC with 2x only
14inch f/10 LX200 ACF
EQ8 mount

I've been experimenting with different combinations of magnification to try to find the optimum settings with my camera and telescope to image Mars.  On this occasion over a long session on the unexpectedly clear night of 6-7 September I used my 2x Barlow with an ADC from midnight until around 1:30am UT before switching to the 4x PowerMate, as using the 2x with an ADC  gave a larger image than using the 2.5x PowerMate.  I also wanted to see if the image would be more detailed than one using the 4x PowerMate.    I've scaled up the slightly smaller 2x and ADC image so that it is the same size as the 4x image to compare the results.


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