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LowSpec3 'first light' solar spectrum

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LowSpec3 'first light' solar spectrum

After finishing the modified LowSpec3 I quickly took this spectrum and calibration frame.

These are raw frames with no geometric correction, dark, bias or flat.  No 'scope was connected to the spectrograph - just a flooded 30um slit.  The calibration frames were 5 sec "Relco" exposures.

I used a 600 l/mm grating for which the larger camera lens produces excellent focus across the visible range.

Resolution is around 1,800 at Ha with the Na lines easily split.  Not shown here but coverage into the IR easily captures the 9122A line with a hint of the 9657A line.  Further investigation asap.

I've over-exposed to capture the fainter lines so some brighter lines will appear blurred.