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Messier 15 - into the core


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About this observation
David Davies
Time of observation
29/07/2020 - 00:36
Messier 15
Observing location
Cambridge, UK
8"-Ritchey Chretien telescope
X 0.7 reducer
QSI 683 camera with Astrodon filters
Skywatcher EQ8 mount
10 x 2-min RGB

This is a revisit of M15, this time with my RC scope. Previously I imaged it with an SW 120ED Equinox refractor and comparing the images has been interesting. The 120 ED suffered from bloated stars at the red end of the spectrum so each bright star had a red ring around it. The RC, on the other hand, is producing excellent star images with good colour.

My aim with this image was to explore the core of the cluster and maybe to identify the planetary nebula, Pease 1. Therefore, I deliberately underexposed the subs and then produced three images, each having a different stretch. I combined these images in PS producing a rather flat contrast in the core but enabling stars to be identified almost to the centre.  

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