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Pierro Astro ADC problem!

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Pierro Astro ADC problem!

I've just had an unexpected occurrence with my Pierro Astro Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector (ADC) after imaging Venus in the heat today.  I removed the camera  before parking my mount and the ADC spectrum glass at the camera end fell out (luckily I have rubber flooring in the observatory in anticipation of occasional mishaps).

Pierro Astro are a small French company and they are all away on their August holiday at the moment, so there is no one available to contact about this.  I have been able to pop the glass back in and grip it with the arm that holds it in place for adjustments but I now don't know if the spectrum glass is correctly oriented - or the right way up if there is a right way up! 

Does anyone happen to know if it matters which way round the spectrum glass is placed or if it has to be a specific orientation before being re-attached?  It can be rotated easily through 360 degrees until the arm is tightened, when it is limited to the movement of the arm (about 90 degrees).